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Q)   Can I order a prescription by email?

A)   Yes, you can order your repeat prescription by email.  We have a dedicated email address for    prescriptions  Please allow 48 hours to process your request.

Q)   Can I make an appointment by email?

A)   No, currently we do not take appointments by email. Please phone the surgery on 01- 679 3197 to  make an appointment.

​Q)   Can I ask a medical query by email?

A)   No, we request that you do not email us with any medical queries - firstly the email is not secure, secondly our emails are only checked once a day so it is not suitable for acute medical issues.  We ask that you contact us by phone and persevere if the line is busy, see below.

Q)   What if I can't get through to the surgery by telephone?

A)   Please be patient with us. We know that the phone lines can be vey busy but we endeavour to answer all calls. If our lines are busy, this means that we are taking other calls and you will be  answered in rotation.

Q)  Do you do house calls ?

A)   Yes we do house calls to the elderly who may be without transport, patients who are immobilised or have physical disability and patients who are severely unwell. 

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